At Hologic, we’re an innovative medical technology company that enables healthier lives everywhere, every day. We are also a company that prospers and grows, which is why we’ve been able to expand our offerings to empower even more people and champion women’s health.

What powers our growth across Breast & Skeletal Health, Diagnostics and GYN Surgical Solutions also what differentiates us — the exceptional and clinically proven capacity of our products to detect, diagnose and treat illnesses and other health conditions earlier and better. This clinical superiority creates high expectations, which we fulfill by continually challenging ourselves to improve health through better technology, education and market access.

None of this would be possible without the talent and passion of our employees. Together, our expertise and dedication to developing and sharing more robust, science-based certainty drives our increasingly global presence and a promising pipeline that responds to the unmet health and wellness needs of women, families and communities.

While we focus on women’s health and well-being, we are committed to having an even broader benefit on the world. Together we advocate for better health and wellness through solutions that provide even-greater certainty and peace of mind.

Product Manager

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong Sheng CN


This position is no longer open.

Job Number: 1030

External Description:

1. 本科及以上学历
2. 三年以上产品专员或产品经理工作经验,生物/医药专业或医美领域工作经验优先
3. 有良好沟通和协作能力,细心,责任心强,抗压能力强
4. 熟练应用PPT、Excel等办公软件
5. 有数据和信息分析能力,并可形成书面报告

1. 数据与信息分析:收集业内竞品信息,调研市场与产品,给销售端提供产品培训及竞品对比培训
2. 产品推广:提交产品宣传方案,并负责执行,以及会后效果分析汇报
3. 为科室定期提供产品和相关医学知识培训。
4. 产品资料:产品彩页、PPT等相关资料的制作
5. 建立和维护与产品相关的区域VIP医生网络关系
6. 优化产品/销售工具包
7. 及时向领导汇报工作,完成领导交给的其他任务

Job Number: 1030

Community / Marketing Title: Product Manager

Location_formattedLocationLong: Guangzhou, Guangdong Sheng CN